Okay, this is entirely new for me.

The Doctor told me to write some important things down, but by gog my mind is blank. I am supposed to record important data, but I cannot concentrate with all of this blasted music playing! He constantly plays his records, despite my pestering and the thrown objects. I admit, some of the songs are quite catchy, like the one with the salmon fisher, but that does not mean he should blast it in my ear every minute. 

I guess I should introduce myself to the inanimate journal, like I was told to. I am Nepeta Leijon, five sweeps old, annoyed pupil, and follower of the green sun. I have been studying with the Doctor for half a sweep now, yet he has not told me anything important. He goes on and on about people I have never heard of, Signless and Summoner and what not. He expects me to memorize everything he teaches, yet he hardly understands what he was talking about in the first place. 

For instance, the Sufferer. The Doctor repeats to me, "He is very important, you should pay very special attention to him" , yet when I read about him, he does not seem as important as the Doctor proclaims. He is merely a pawn by the Horrorterrors, it clearly says it in bold above his description. He failed, there is not much to learn about him. But the Doctor persists I read more closely, as if I skimmed it like a freshly hatched wriggler. This is my sixth time reading it over, and I still cannot see what the Doctor is telling me is there. I would have thrown another object at his face, but he has the broom out and I rather not have a flailing tonight thank you. I guess I should continue reading it "more closely", as if it would make much of a difference. 

I guess this concludes my first Log Entry, I doubt I would use this again.

Nepeta Leijon