1. No bullying of any kind will be tolerated (blackrom flirting is not considered bullying)
  2. This is mostly a roleplaying memo. OOC remarks should be made with marks surrounding the statement such as (( )), {{ }}, or [[ ]]. Long OOC discussions should go to #Hornpile_OOC
  3. No smutting. Make outs are fine, but for smutting please take it to private message or the #pornpile memo
  4. No serious blood-shedding or bone-breaking strifing. Small tussles are fine. Also, no killing, not of any character, not even with the roleplayer's consent.
  5. No massive damage to the pile or any surrounding rooms. A little mess is fine, but no holes or destruction of property.
  6. No excessive honking. Excessive = spamming, pretty much anything over 2 or 3 in a row; also includes honking every couple minutes.
  7. Listen to the OPs. If they tell you not to do something, don't do it.
  8. If you have a problem with an OP, do not make a scene. When another OP is available, bring your concerns to them.
  9. Please, no stealing other peoples' children; it's very disrespectful.
  10. Use /me to denote actions. For example, /me walks into the room.
  11. No insulting anyone OOC. Personal insults may result in banning.
  12. No use of real life, human-relevant slurs either in or out of character - this includes but is not necessarily limited to demeaning or prejudicial terms based on any person's or group of people's race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality, religion, mental or physical capacity, or age.
  13. If someone asks you to stop doing something to their character, stop. Harassment will not be tolerated, even if that's what your character would do. A sense of comfort and safety in the memo is more important than your ability to play a character that makes people uncomfortable.
  14. No sexualization of children, this includes but is not necessarily limited to giving children highly sexualized bodies (i.e. mentally a child, physically very developed) and making lewd or sexually suggestive comments to or about a child. Naive adults are fine, people with adult or teenage bodies and the mentality of a young child are not. 

See also: What_is_the_Hornpile?