motherfuckingHonkalicious is the chumhandle of Gamzee Makara, creator of the Hornpile (though he kind of gave it over to Calcus). His moirail is Karkat Vantas (fuckassesloveKarkat and copperSteampunk). He does all he can for his friends, but if someone gets him angry, he reacts as if he was sober. He thinks of himself as the sexiest thing alive and doesn't hesitate to tell you so. He has been known to be a bit promiscuous, but only with the fellas, "EwW! BlEh! GrOsS, yOuRe a gIrL!".

motherfuckingHonkalicious Gamzee Makara
Age - 7 sweeps
Strife Specibus - Club kind
Blood color - Purple
Sign - Capricorn
Lusus - Sea Goat (Dead)
Matesprit - None
Moirail - Karkat (fuckassesloveKarkat and copperSteampunk)
Kismesis - None
Auspistice - None