malditMetalsmith is the handle for Ezekiel M. Mendez, a man of many disiplines. When he was little he always liked the art of weapon crafting even though with an IQ of over 200 he could do anything else. He played sBurb with 3 other friends completing it recently but yelded no rewards as they lost one of their players near the end and caused a scratch, causing all of their sessions players to mix up their classes and aspects, making him a rogue of life and voiding the universe they were to create. During his session, when he was still a time player, he when back in time for a stronger weapon, ending up making the cursed blade muramasa itself, and it was later he realized he was the one who made the blade in the first place and used his middle name as an alias (Guess what it is?).

Ezekiel perfers to be called by Zeke, which is easier to remember, and can be found usualy thinking about something, talking to alive Calus(cluelesslyAlgebraic), making something new on his forge in his room, practicing a new weapon disipline, or playing one of the three instruments he learned to play in his years (Guitar, violin, piano) and usually singing along. 

malditoMetalsmith Ezekiel Mendez 
Age -19
Strifespecibus Smith'dkind(He has to make it to use it)

Rouge of life(Formaly Heir of time but changed due to game scratch)

 Land Land of rebellion and ore
Relationships None
Zodiac Virgo
Ethnicity Puerto Rican and Japanese

(P.S. If you get on his good side, he does weapon orders, and the people he likes gets one on him)