Darling Kanaya

Drawn by Kanaya herself!

grimAuxiliatwerk, or Kanaya Maryam, is the Ass Commander. And don't you ever forget it!

She was introduced to the Hornpile's Gamzee (motherfuckingHonkalicious) through a human who she now avoids. Upon their first encounter, she was quite hostile towards Gamzee, remembering a version of him who killed their friends. But when it became apparent that this timeline's Gamzee never had that mental breakdown, she no longer felt too threatened by him to become his friend. 

She cares deeply about all of her Hornpile friends, though she hardly ever gets into any shipping shenanigans. Her age has made her more crude and somewhat obsessive about certain round, voluptuous body part (you know, the butt). Despite this, she is lamentably shy and reserved. Though she had been confronted by a certain mute!Karkat before with intentions of pailing him, she never went through with it. Thus, no bucket in the Hornpile's universe has been filled by this sassy jadeblood. 

She has an enormous flushed crush on Rose Lalonde, though she hasn't met one in the Hornpile yet. 

Terezi Pyrope (deliciousLackofspace ) is her moirail. 

grimAuxiliatwerk Kanaya Maryam
Age - 9 sweeps
Strife Specibus - Makeupkind
Blood color - Jade
Sign - Virgo
Lusus - Virgin Mother Grub (dead)
Matesprit - None
Moirail - Terezi Pyrope (deliciousLackofspace)
Kismesis - None
Auspistice - None