fearlessExtant, or Kannus, chooses to only ever reveal his first name in a vain attempt to remain relatively anonymous as he travels from place to place, never settling anywhere for long.

Daemon thing by JipushiPhantasm33
The only people that have heard his last name is Anelie (dimensionallyStable), Morull (stratosChatter) and Arkani (eternityOmega).


He suffers terrible night-terrors as a result of being a “guest” of the Condesce and her Subjugglators and has found that the happy exhaustion of sex helps him sleep, this has lead him to become very flirtatious, often pushing his boundaries with members of the hornpile and he considers no-one off limits unless they deny him (although he always makes sure it’s what they want before taking them back to his room). And despite his inability to properly deal with rejection, he remains friendly to anyone that does turn him down.


He has found friendship in the other members of the hornpile, and has also found a deep caring for some, including his now matesprite, betaDave (lyricallysicKnasty), who has also agreed to letting their relationship be pretty open so long as he does not bed alphaDave (admiredCanter) and is honest about who he’s been with. He is also very friendly with the easily startled Anelie, who he considers as almost his moirail despite Calcus (cluelesslyAlgebraic) actually being Anelie’s moirail.

Kannus has also managed to find two other matesprits in Arkani (eternityOmega), who is a timelord and Dagnia (motherlyChemist) who, due to mutations and science-dickerings, are having a child together.

He's recently found a moirail in Blind Karkat (unseenHatered) after he spoke to him about a particularly bad memory-dream and needed some comfort, but unlike normal, he needed to talk instead of hook-up with someone.

From the science that Sebastian performed on Kannus that changed his blood colour to Candy from Indigo, and the deal that Korvus made with a horrorterror, he is currently losing his memories, which is making having relationships somewhat difficult because he can't always remember who they are.

Kannus also likes to do some journaling Entry 1 and Entry 2

Age - 9.2 Sweeps
Strife Specibus- Kukrikind, Fistkind
Sylladex - Carabiner Modus
Blood Colour - Candy-Blood
Sign - A circle with a line cutting through it
Lusus - Badger-dad (Missing, presumed dead)
Matesprit -




Moirail - unseenHatered
Kismesis - None
Auspistice - None