Calcus Mirada is the troll behind the cluelesslyAlgebraic chumhandle. She is an orange blooded troll with the symbol of pi. She is 9 sweeps old and selected Staffkind for her Strife Specibus after her matesprit Morull (StratosChatter) taught it to her. She started out pretty shy, but has warmed up to the others. She is a strong follower of the Signless and dons a Cancer necklace. She has a funny quirk that adopts the first five numbers of pi 4nd look5 5om3.th1ng l1k3. th15. Don't try to get into her think pan with mind powers, her brain won't let you. Her mind will auto-block anything that tries to get in, even without her realizing it. If you want inside of her mind, you would have to ask her, then she will concentrate on opening her mind and letting you in. Her and her matesprit are now married and are expecting a child after a bit of research and a few Calcus-approved experiments to make it possible. 

Calcus (nicknamed Cal by most) loves art, especially drawing, but she finds that her strong suits lean more toward math. Her wriggling day is, surprise, pi day. She seems to have taken the roll of a motherly figure for some of the people around her. When a friend is injured, she is almost always the first to respond. With the help and training of Morull, Calcus can now control her "internal flame" to heal people's injuries, but the process can be a bit painful because she has not yet fully mastered the technique. She dislikes voilence and does what she can to end fights, verbal or physical. Though she shows concern for others, she doen't like to show her own negative feelings and will deny feeling bad, putting on a mask of well-being. Only those close to her can break this shell. 

Oh yeah... And look out for her doomed self. She is usually seen with alpha!dave (AdmiredCanter), her doomedself's matesprit. You can tell by the way she talks, it's a bit different if you can pick it up, and she is usually wearing a pair of his shades over her blank, white eyes. She is currently having a hard time grasping the reality of being dead, and she finds herself jealous of her living companions once in a while. She is aware that there is a living version of her out there, living the life that was taken from her. 

cluelesslyAlgebraic Calcus Mirada
Age - 9 sweeps (20 years)
Strife Specibus - Staff kind
Blood color - Orange
Sign - Pi
Lusus - 3-tailed fox (presumed living)
Matesprit - Morull (stratosChatter)
Moirail - Anelie Marama (dimensionallyStable)
Kismesis - None
Auspistice None