Prycor by puzzlechu-d62tc78

by Puzzlechu@devart


amaltheasCornucopia is the chumhandle of one Prycor Algedi, a purple-blooded troll who was given the sign of Capricorn. She is just barely 7 sweeps old and she has not yet finalized her strife kind specibus, but she tends toward fistkind.

Prycor self-medicates with sopor and tends to get somewhat violent without it. When medicated, however, she is very relaxed and friendly. She spends most of her time in her home and is wary of becoming close to anyone because she's afraid that her hidden mutation will get her culled.

She tends to be dressed in wrinkled pajamas and a Capricorn shirt that doesn't always completely cover her somewhat generous belly. Her hair is short and usually unkempt.

With the exception of Karkat, she has no relationships or family.

amaltheasCornucopia Prycor Algedi
Age - 7 sweeps
Strife Specibus - Fist kind
Blood color - Purple
Sign - Capricorn
Lusus - Dead
Matesprit - None
Moirail - Karkat Vantas copperSteampunk
Kismesis - None
Auspistice - None
Prycor by okamixcosplayer

by Okamixcosplayer@deviantart